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Meet Jaliya and ‘jaja’ Regina and see how we are helping to change the lives of children in the slums of Kampala

August 13, 2012 awamu reporters (messages and updates from the children we work with)

helping orphaned children in Kampala awamu

See just how your support is changing the lives of children in Kampala

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A message from Sarah in Kampala

November 29, 2011 awamu crafts women (messages and updates from the women we work with)

Sarah Kabenge awamu tailor

Whether buying, donating, fundraising, volunteering or advising you will have been inspired by the women and children, who through your support, have been working to change lives in their community. Sarah Kabenge, one of our best Tailors, is currently recovering from attack of malaria but she asked to pass on a message to everyone that […]

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