New spring collection in our shop

April 19, 2013 Products

Awamu Table Runner New Spring 2013

New spring collection and 66 children now enrolled in primary school!

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Marvin’s latest community bullet (Bwaise life in pictures!)

April 2, 2013 News

Bwaisu Flood Awamu

This is the latest pictorial community bulletin from Marvin, 12 years, to keep you up to date on the events happening in his community in Bwaise over the holidays….

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The chickens are back in time for Easter!

March 22, 2013 Products

Chicken hen cushion cover

Our chicken cushion covers have finally made it from Kampala to the UK and are available to order now!

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Happy new year!

January 1, 2013 awamu reporters (messages and updates from the children we work with)

Happy new year! This drawing from Marvin Ntambi is sent to wish you a year full of love, laughter and happiness where ever you are in the world.

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A rainbow of recycled paper beads

September 19, 2012 awamu family shop

Recycled paper beads made by women in kampala, Uganda

A Rainbow of recycled paper beads just arrived from Kampala and shortly to be available in our shop

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Meet Jaliya and ‘jaja’ Regina and see how we are helping to change the lives of children in the slums of Kampala

August 13, 2012 awamu reporters (messages and updates from the children we work with)

helping orphaned children in Kampala awamu

See just how your support is changing the lives of children in Kampala

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January 3, 2012 News and updates from our projects in Uganda

Awamu Kids Smiling Kampala

A belated (best no less heartfelt) HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. We’re wishing everyone – including our friends in Uganda who we are missing dearly – a healthy, happy new year full of love and laughter.

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VIDEO: the amazing and inspiring people we work with

December 11, 2011 awamu crafts women (messages and updates from the women we work with)

To really understand the reality of life in the slums of Kampala and the amazing and inspiring people we are working with watch this film NOW!

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