That Friday feeling!

November 2, 2012 awamu reporters (messages and updates from the children we work with)

Happy Friday dance!

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A curious Elephant wants to say hello

September 26, 2012 awamu family shop

Baby elephant awamu toy

The baby elephants are ready and this curious Elephant wants to see if you are friendly

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A rainbow of recycled paper beads

September 19, 2012 awamu family shop

Recycled paper beads made by women in kampala, Uganda

A Rainbow of recycled paper beads just arrived from Kampala and shortly to be available in our shop

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How awamu works

September 5, 2012 Education support for vulnerable children

How awamu works

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Tom’s dream of going to school has finally come true..

May 7, 2012 Video

This film will make you cry! Tom was ecstatic when he found out his dream of enrolling in school would finally come true a few months ago…watch this film to see how awamu is helping to change childrens lives in Kampala

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Our inspiration – meet the faces behind the products

April 30, 2012 Video

Handmade in Kampala, Uganda, Africa

Meet some of the team who put time and loving care into turning our patterns and fabric into beautifully tailored items you can buy in our shop.

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Meet Diana – she loves to dance

March 20, 2012 awamu reporters (messages and updates from the children we work with)

Children in the slums of Kampala

I have so much to tell you about what I got up to Kampala that I just didn’t know where to start…until I stumbled this clip on whilst this which I filmed whilst visiting the school that many of children we are supporting with our education grants have just enrolled.

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VIDEO: the amazing and inspiring people we work with

December 11, 2011 awamu crafts women (messages and updates from the women we work with)

To really understand the reality of life in the slums of Kampala and the amazing and inspiring people we are working with watch this film NOW!

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