Bloomin Sunflowers

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All the latest photos from our international sunflower growing challenge


Rob Durand: they’re starting to bloom… ‪#‎awamugrowoff Awamu — with Tazmin Selene Noble.



Michelle Hancock: It’s nearly as big as me now 😃🌻 #sunflowerselfie #awamu #awamugrowoff #sunflowerchallenge #sunflower



James Murrell: Selfie with my mooooosive sunflower #biggestsunflowerintheworld #awamu #awamugrowoff #honest #nothonest #sunflower #gonnalose



Mike Feakes: My awamu sunflowers have grownloads since I’ve been to Glastobury. Starting to get a flower already.



Emma Scullion: My first sunflower! #awamugrowoff



Jon Matthews: Flower heads just coming on now :)



Alan and Wilson Freeman: Finally got round to planting out some of our sunflowers on Friday.



Charlie Moore: #awamugrowoff front door for scale



Amy Twiname



Bob Johnson: Yay! The courtyard at school is like a massive greenhouse essentially. Good conditions and no wind. I used a mix of compost and manure in the pots. I watered them loads and I fed them liquid fertiliser every third watering and then when they got bigger every second watering. Once the flowers came out I’ve been adding liquid fertiliser but switched to tomorite.


Rob Durand


See all updates from the challenge here.

Read more about why we are growing suflowers and our food gardens for children in Kampala here

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