Top marks!

May 12, 2017 News

After years of missing school, Nassiwa achieves the best grade in her class!

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What a load of RUBBISH

May 5, 2017 News

If you are interested in understanding a bit more about where the women and children we work with live, have a read of this article written by George Cole. George recently came out to spend some time helping the team in Bwaise to look at what potential there is in rubbish – yes RUBBISH!

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First line up for Together 2017 announced

May 1, 2017 Events

Our friends at Together HQ have been working day and night to seek out extra special surprises and inviting familiar favourites that we know you love.

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Growing young leaders

April 20, 2017 aspire

Our community food gardens project will not only be a source of food for hundreds of children in the slums of Kampala. Children will also learn how to run their own enterprises and start their own saving circles from the profit they make selling the excess vegetable.

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From Kilpatrick to Kampala: how Awamu unites children in need

April 5, 2017 Press

A little article in Positively Scotland about our partnership with Kilpatrick School in Scotland and how vulnerable children across the globe are supporting each other in different ways through Awamu.

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Mothers day 2017

March 26, 2017 News

On mothers day we are grateful for the determination of so many women fighting for a better life for the children in their care. 

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Milly, Nassiwa and Shellat

March 15, 2017 News

 This is Milly and her two children Nassiwa (6 years) and Shellat (4 years).

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Education for orphaned children in the slums of Kampala

March 15, 2017 News

Only 23% of boys and 19% of girls have the opportunity to finish secondary school in Uganda.

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Be amazing, volunteer

March 10, 2017 News

Will you give your time and expertise to change the lives of women and children in the slums of Kampala?

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March 8, 2017 News about awamu

Over 2035 have been trained in skills to improve their earning potential. Helping them to take control over their own lives and give the children in their care a better start in life.

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